Keanu Reeves presents a Rolex Submariner replica to members of the ?John Wick Chapter 4: Hagakure? stunt team

Keanu Reeves has a two-sided image: on the screen, he is known for his tough and challenging characters John Wick and Neo; but in the real world, he is enthusiastic and generous. On October 23, after completing the shooting mission of ?John Wick Chapter 4: Hagakure? that day, Keanu Reeves took the members of the stunt team to Le Bistrot Paul Bert in Paris for dinner, and gave each of them a Rolex Submariner black dial replica watch 126610LN.

The gifts are the regular Rolex Submariner watch replica Ref.126610LN, this watch uses Oystersteel case, with a black dial and Cerachrom word ring, built-in Calibre 3235 automatic movement, showing the classic diving watch aesthetics. In particular, the words “The John Wick Five” are engraved on the back cover, as well as the names of Keanu Reeves and the stuntman to commemorate their co-creation of the film.


The similarity between the outgoing 116610 Submariner replica and the new generation 126610 Submariner replica is almost incredible. If they see them in the real world, many, many people don’t even know the difference.

The biggest design difference is the lugs, which are slimmer on the new generation of replica Rolex Submariner. This gives the watch a slightly more proportional look, but given that Rolex increased the diameter of the case by around 1mm, the new Submariner with the narrower lugs actually wears almost identically to the older Submariner with the wider lugs. Rolex says that the old Submariner is rated to be 40mm-wide, while the new 2020 Rolex Submariner replica models are 41mm-wide. This is mostly true, but the actual wearing-size difference between the new and old Submariners is under one millimeter, from our understanding.

For watch enthusiasts, the most compelling reason to get a new 126610 generation Submariner watch replica is the updated movement. For 2020, the Submariner models receive either the in-house-made Rolex caliber 3230 (no date) or, as seen here, the caliber 3235 (with the date). The movements are a bit more accurate and stable as compared to the 3135 movements of the old-generation watches, but notably offer an additional day of power reserve bringing up total movement running time to about 70 hours. The implication is that the automatic movement can be put on a table over the weekend and will be perfectly ready for your day on Monday.

No one does a steel sports watch better than Rolex, and its use of OysterSteel (the brand’s name for its blend of 904L steel) results in tight tolerances and beautiful surfaces. Rolex has a great steel diver’s watch with the old Submariner, and that remains true with the 2020 Submariner. There are minor upgrades to the finishing here and there on the watch and bracelet — though, again, I’d caution that most people would probably not notice it.

At 300 meters of water resistance, the Submariner replica is going to satisfy the sport and diving needs of more than 99% of wearers out there.


If you want the most classic, most conservative, most recognizable, and most popular luxury diver’s style watch around, the Rolex 126610 (more specifically the black on black 126610LN replica) is your very best bet. Price for the Rolex Submariner 126610LN watch is $9,150 USD.

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