The most complicated Ingenieur – IWC Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon Watch Replica

The Ingenieur collection has traditionally been IWC’s answer to the tool watch. The Ingenieur collection today, however, has been greatly influenced by industry developments and a market of watch buyers. IWC gave the line a reboot, and at the very top of the collection is the  IWC Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon Watch replica, in a ceramic and platinum case.

Constant-Force Tourbillon

Because the Ingenieur line has been reimagined as an automotive, rather than engineer-centric, watch, the movement of the IWC Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon Men’s Watch replica is modelled after an engine block. It has a compact and clever constant force mechanism integrated into the tourbillon carriage.


“To drive the tourbillon and the constant-force mechanism, IWC equipped the 94800 and 94900 calibres with twin barrels. Together, they supply enough power to keep the mechanism running for about 48 hours” explains Gäumann. After two days, the available torque is no longer sufficient. At this point, the tourbillon automatically reverts to normal mode and advances at the rate of five steps a second, or at the same speed as the beats in the balance.

Case & Dial

The 46 mm case of the IWC Ingenieur watch replica is made in platinum and ceramic. The case rises slightly on the right side cupping the main crown in an effort to protect it from impacts. The case back is made from sapphire crystal, which evinces the highly technical movement.

Perhaps the most striking part of the design, apart from the fascinating mechanical display of the constant force tourbillon, is the layout of the dial. The 3 subdials positioning at 1, 4 and 9 is a good twist from the conventional 3, 6, 9 layout. the watch also has a power display at four o’clock, and IWC’s signature double hemisphere moon phase at two o’clock. The dial is black and the hands are black toned and are coated with luminescence for optimal readability at night.

Moonphase Function

The other feature we were fascinated with is the moonphase. The moonphase display showcases 2 moons one representing the northern and the other the southern hemisphere. IWC’s tasteful depiction of the moon is both realistic and artful. The manufacture used a special 3-D laser technique to render the surface to replicate the physical surface of the Moon. Tiny craters and intentional blemishes pepper the gray surface disc; which is also the right color, to create a realistic representation of the moon. The countdown display on the outer ring of the totalizer shows the number of days remaining before the next full moon.


It is priced at S$380,000 for the platinum model shown here and S$340,000 for the rose gold variant. here is a similar model, IWC Ingenieur 46MM Men’s Watch replica. Learn more about IWC Ingenieur watch replica, please visit our latest replica IWC watches listing,

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