The Rolex GMT-Master II With Meteorite Dial In White Gold Replica Hands-On

The GMT-Master has returned again this season with a small upgrade – in white-colored gold having a Meteorite dial. If you remember from this past year, Rolex released the Rolex GMT-Master II Men’s watch replica in steel having a Jubilee bracelet to exchange the white-colored gold version that arrived on the scene in 2014.

GMT Pepsi

People love the GMT Pepsi (you still can’t get the GMT in steel – just ask any of your local ADs) and last year the Jubilee bracelet gave it a little extra oomph. This year’s Rolex GMT-Master II 126719BLRO replica version is exactly the same as last year’s model, measuring 40mm in diameter with a blue and red Cerachrom bezel, and the COSC-certified automatic caliber 3285 movement, but in white gold with an Oyster bracelet.

Meteorite Dial

While there is nothing technically “new” about this Rolex GMT-Master II Men’s watch replica, it is still nice to see Rolex do what they do best – make minor tweaks to existing classics. And while Meteorite dials are nothing new to Rolex, it is the first time they have used Meteorite on a GMT. Meteorite is a piece of a meteor that has fallen to the Earth’s surface; it is mostly iron and nickel. I believe the first time Rolex used this unusual material on their watches was with the Daytona in white gold, but it is consistently seen on Datejusts and other models throughout. The GMT is an unusual choice for a Meteorite dial, but then again, travel is a luxury and so is a Rolex.

Red, Blue and Silver

Although the meteorite GMT-Master lacks the stark, contrasting colours of most Rolex sports watches – the greyish-silver meteorite dial is essentially the same tone as the case and bracelet – the Rolex GMT-Master II 126719BLRO watch replica is striking on the wrist. In photos the lack of contrast seems obvious, but in the metal the way the meteorite dial catches the light gives it an expensive sheen.

The Most Practical Ultra-luxe Travel Watch

In fact, In the Rolex sports watch hall of fame, the meteorite Rolex GMT-Master II Men’s watch replica probably the most practical ultra-luxe travel watch out there. It is a relatively affordable, dual time zone watch; and there are, after all, more people who travel than those who dive or race or sail.
The new meteorite dial Rolex GMT-Master II 126719BLRO replica, on the other hand, is bling meets functionality without the gemstones, making it an unusual and compelling watch. And it’s also the first time Rolex has used meteorite in a watch other than the Daytona or Day-Date.

“Superlative Chronometer”

As is expected for a Rolex watch, the tech inside is impeccable. The movement boasts 10 patents that improve various metrics of functionality, including a longer, 70-hour power reserve.

rolex gmt master meteorite 126719BLRO-10

Rolex GMT-Master II 126719BLRO replica is powered by the cal. 3285, the same movement found in current GMT-Master models. The cal. 3285 is a latest generation movement that boasts all of the company’s recent innovations; the small coronet in between “Swiss” and “made” at six o’clock.
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